The Plumbing Checklist All Homebuyers Need 

If you are in the process of buying a new home, or even you are just looking for a home for your family to relocate, even if you are a first-time home buyer, you should always check the plumbing system in each and every tour in the house you are visiting. Although you can have a professional plumber check the system but there are some things you can look before signing any paper on the initial tour. 

Plumbing Checklist

  • Flush each toilet in every bathroom for you to see if they are all working or there is any weak flush. If it flushes too long or there is an unusual sound call the attention of the seller for them to have it fixed. 
  • Always remember to check for the sizes of the pipe. This is especially in homes with low water pressure, this case in undesirable so inspect the pipe from the main line, the pipe should be ¾ inches in diameter from the main pipe to the home and half inches from your line to your faucets. 
  • Even if you already check the pipe lines, turn all the faucets and showers on and off. This is to confirm the pressure of water with the right pipe sizes and seeing for yourself to have proof. 
  • Ask the realtor about the water heater, where it is located and have an inspection. This is to be sure that is no any corrosion or buildup taking place in the heater by having a visual inspection. Also ask for the time it had a professional service and have your realtor to provide you with the year of its replacement. 
  • One of the overlooked areas upon inspection is the crawl areas and basement so do not forget to have these places checked on your tour. Have a huge time if possible in doing the inspection and check for leaky pipes, water damage or if there are any repairs to fixtures and plumbing if they are done professionally or not. 
  • Don’t forget if there are signs of having a lead material in the pipes. One in every six kids has lead in their blood that is above the normal rate so if you don’t like your kid to be in the statistics of having more lead in their body than average, stay away from these homes or unless you are willing to replace these pipes with lead. 

So, before you purchase your new home with old plumbing system or what they called stone age plumbing, be sure to have to have performed the checklist mentioned above when you are having a tour around your prospected home for your family. And if you are not sure what to look for in the pipe inspection, consider seek assistance in the plumbing inspection or if you need plumbing services camarillo, only trust a reliable and a professional plumber to do the site inspection and plumbing repairs to make sure that you will get the best service and that is worth to what you pay for.